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Mass Customization? Lycan is Making Motorcycling Better for the Riders and for the Industry

Innovation and technology is at the heart of Lycan Motorcycles. Without it, our company would not keep up with the current competition. And this is precisely why Lycan innovates its products and services through technology beyond just the motorcycle units themselves.

And one of the Lycan's valued proposition is mass customization through its Builder X platform.

Traditionally, if riders want to customize their own motorcycles, they have to go through the tedious (and expensive) process of acquiring a 'base bike', sifting through thousands of custom motorcycle photos for inspiration, purchasing after-market parts, having it modified by a third-party motorcycle customization shop, and waiting for a couple of months before being able to ride it -- all while increasing costs and risking mechanical failures due to alterations of the manufacturer's standards.

Mass customization on a production scale has never been done before in the Philippines at the very least, because most of the current motorcycle brands locally have their R&D facilities and manufacturing outside the country. The motorcycle plants found here are dedicated to the assembly of pre-designed motorcycles and straight-from-the-factory customization is not an option.

This puts Lycan at an advantage in the industry to start mass customization in the Philippine market because all of its business processes from R&D, design, engineering, fabrication, and its eventual production plant and distribution facilities are based locally in the Philippines, giving the company faster adaptation to market trends, technologies, and business direction.

But how exactly can Lycan's Builder X improve and disrupt the industry? Creative control and freedom to the riding market.

The reason riders invest much on motorcycle upgrades and customization is because of personalization. As a rider myself, my motorcycle represents who I am as a person and my personal branding. It's a luxury I am willing to spend on because motorcycling is a lifestyle and a way of life.

By sharing this innovation to the other riders where they can personalize and customize their brand new factory-assembled motorcycles from scratch at an affordable price, Lycan gives riders the benefit of a bespoke motorcycle at a drastically lesser cost, added confidence of a safer motorcycle professionally built and assembled in a factory, and the fulfillment of being able to (finally!) design their unique motorcycle themselves even without an industrial design background.

With all these in place, Lycan projects a substantial capture of the market share in the coming years ahead. Currently, the Builder X platform is still in its beta stage and will be made available for app download for Android and iOS once Lycan's production plant is completed by 2023.

Want to be part of Lycan's growth as a co-owner of the company? You may subscribe to Lycan stock and become a shareholder today to enjoy the spoils of the potential growth of the company.

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