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Earn from diverse sources of income with the Lycan Business Partnership Program

Capitalize on Lycan's innovative products, services, technologies, and business models through distribution, retail, services, technology, and battery station operation.

Over 6 million electric vehicles will ply the streets of the Philippines by 2030, Our estimates show that for now until 2030, over half of the projected 6.6 million e-vehicles will still be two-wheeled vehicles. Currently, approximately 60 percent of e-vehicles in the Philippines are two-wheelers.



Ferdinand Raquelsantos EVAP’s chairman emeritus

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Lycan is set out to start building its value chain network nationwide starting 2024 with a goal to produce, distribute, and sell at least 100,000 units per year within 3 to 5 years, yielding an estimate revenue of PHP25.49Bn by 2028 and acquiring a large share of the market.

One Brand, Multiple Business Unit Income Opportunities

With Lycan's end-to-end solutions network creating a strategic and synergized chain of businesses, you can generate profits from multiple revenue sources

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The Growth of One Partner is the Growth of All

Lycan's business growth plan is to ensure the success of each of its Business Partners through technical and resource support to reduce risks and maximize potentials for profits and expansion.


Everything In-House, No Third-Parties

Business Partners are guaranteed with captured market and no competition for the same products from third-party resellers and operators within their territories through exclusive licenses.


Shared eCommerce

Business Partners are not limited to physical brick-and-mortar stores. All eCommerce sales are awarded to business partners for customer orders within their licensed jurisdiction. 

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Multiple Market Segments

Lycan products and technologies allow you to explore and expand to different market segments, widening your horizon for business & profitability.

Business Partners are Lycan Shareholders

By becoming shareholding business partners, this ensures your financial growth beyond sales of Lycan products. As the Lycan brand and company grows, you reap the benefits from company-wide dividends and price share increases.


A Goal to Go Global

Lycan's big goal is to put its market in the global market as a competitive Filipino brand. And the only way to achieve this goal is ensure domestic success and profitability. To achieve domestic success and profitability, Lycan will invest much of its resources to the success of its business partners and their business units.

Average Estimated Capital Needed to Start

PHP1,800,000 to PHP3,500,000

This investment includes shares of stock subscription, starting inventory, exclusive licenses, administrative costs, and legal fees.

Become a Lycan Business Partner Today

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