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About Lycan | Company Profile

Accelerating the Philippines's Transition to Smart Electric Vehicles

Lycan is a Filipino smart electric vehicle startup company based in Quezon City that designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes smart electric motorcycles with an ambition to put its products in the global market before 2030.

Shaping Smart & Sustainable Cities with Electric Mobility

Lycan's part in the overall development of the Philippines as a technology-adaptive and sustainable country focuses on moving people efficiently while contributing positive impacts on the environment.

What We Do


Our Products | Micromobility Solutions

Atlas Model

Whether for short or long distances, the Atlas micromobility electric vehicle allows for quick and nimble access for everyday commuting.


For everyday commute and work use, the Shyft electric scooter is a competitive vehicle for the mass market.

Shyft Model

Our Products | Commuter


The G6 is an electric cruiser motorcycle designed and dedicated for stylish riders who seek to make the most our of life.

G6 Model

Our Products | Lifestyle & Touring


Our Solutions | Battery Charging & Swapping

Battery Stations

Lycan's battery charging & swapping stations provide riders with more range at less cost.

About Lycan

Lycan's mission is to innovate the overall experience of a personalized motorcycle, emphasizing on the uniqueness of a two-wheeled vehicle

Lycan was founded in 2020 with the idea that the personalization of a motorcycle doesn't have to be complex and unattainable. What started as a home garage shop that customized existing motorcycles now turns its direction to a bigger adventure: mass customization of road-legal motorcycles.

Lycan believes that everybody has a right to express themselves through different forms of art, and motorcycles aren't far off as an art form. Lycan motorcycles are meant to be an extension of our clients' personality, a moving work of art that is supposed to be utilized by the owner and appreciated by people around.

Greasy Gents Garage is the brainchild of such an endeavor, the antecedent of Lycan Motorcycles where lifestyle, culture, community, and art come together in the form of a two-wheeled machine. Greasy Gents Garage remains as Lycan's front-runner in the customized motorcycle scene of existing brands such as Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Keeway, and Rusi whereas Lycan Motorcycles in itself is its own upcoming brand -- a new player that envisions that no two motorcycles should be the same.

The primary goal of Lycan Motorcycles is to manufacture and distribute its own line of self-branded and road-legal motorcycles that anybody can easily customize and build based on their own riding preferences.

Lycan Motorcycles will not mass-produce motorcycles of the same style, rather, it will allow its riders to build their very own customized motorcycle where the Lycan brand stands as the build's base motorcycle.

The goal is to have riders ride a bespoke Lycan motorcycle that they know they won't find anyone else riding exactly the same motorcycle.

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