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Disclaimer: Lycan is a high-risk, high-reward company. We do not guarantee returns. Only invest what you are willing to lose.



We see a future where the next generations can have better living conditions than we have today. And we want to invite you to join our mission.


To create a big, positive impact towards this vision, we need to bring our solutions on a wider scale to reach more people who would benefit from our solutions. And this is a gigantic mission that we cannot do alone.

The Lycan Venture Club is an avenue for Filipinos like you to take part and contribute in our mission towards a better tomorrow.

By becoming a shareholding member today, you'll own a piece of this future and secure the next generations to come.


One Investment, Diverse Portfolio

with Lycan's multisector group of businesses, becoming a shareholder of the principal company lets you own shares in a diverse but interconnected portfolio of companies which reduces your risks while maximizing potential gains and profits.

Lycan Business & Vision Plan_edited.jpg

Why We Need to Diversify

Smart investors know that it's risky to put all eggs in one basket. With Lycan's plan of a multisectoral and multi-industrial portfolio of Lycan companies, our aim is to take the lead in the market by owning majority of the industrial value chain, creating a compelling unique selling value proposition to the market while protecting our assets and reducing risks of liabilities.


Introducing the Lycan Venture Club

Lycan Venture Club (LVC) is the principal and majority owner of Lycan's manufacturing, retail branches, battery & energy stations, technology, and servicing line of businesses that manages and ensures the growth of the entire Lycan group.

By subscribing to LVC, you become a co-owner of its subsidiaries, therefore reducing your investment risks and maximizing profit potentials.


Capturing the Entire Customer Journey

With Lycan's current R&D and manufacturing facility, building its own network of company-owned stores, distribution network, service centers, and battery stations ensures that Lycan is at every step of the customer's experience, capitalizing on multiple business and revenue models.

Lycan Business & Vision Plan (1)_edited.jpg

In-House Core Assets

The long-term plan is to make as much of Lycan's operations and developments in-house. This ensures long-term business sustainability, independency, industry leadership, and profitability.

The LVC is what will make it happen.

Step 1: Acquire Market Share

Lycan's target is to produce and sell 10,000 units within 2024, generating an estimated average revenue of PHP1.7Bn through B2B2C, B2C, B2P, and B2G nationwide. This will be achieved through demos, events, caravans, and creative marketing strategies.


Step 2: Building Our Footprints

In 2024, Lycan is to begin developing and erecting company-owned stores, distribution centers, service centers, and battery stations through strategic business partnerships with shareholding partners and entrepreneurs.

Step 3: Deploy Battery Stations

By deploying Lycan battery stations in strategic locations, this ensures end-user and customer convenience while using both Lycan and non-Lycan EVs. Battery stations in itself is a separate business model with its own revenue streams.


Step 4: Launch BuilderX

Builder X is a custom design platform dedicated to Lycan vehicles, allowing customers to design their own Lycan EV before it is assembled. By allowing customers to design their own, this gives customers full freedom to personalize their vehicles and ensures Lycan to acquire a larger market share through personalization.

Step 5: Scale Nationwide

By helping Lycan business partners grow their businesses, this attracts more partners to join the Lycan business network, thus pushing Lycan forward towards a nationwide reach and acquiring a larger domestic market share.

Phil Map_edited.png

Our Unfair Competitive Advantage

Lycan's core competency against its competitors is that we innovate our business models, integrate smart technologies into our products, and are closer to home to the market, making Lycan more agile, responsive, and quicker to adapt to customer needs through our innovative solutions using technology and business strategies.


Use of Capital

Capital raised during this pre-seed round will be allocated to the development of the necessary assets and infrastructures in distribution, retail, battery stations, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of Lycan products.

With the capital being raised, expect to see at least two (2) retail stores, production capacity of up to 1,000 units per month, fully-functional battery stations, and at least 3,000 units sold by Q3 of 2024

How Your Money Grows

Growth of One, Growth of All

Through its diversified assets, the growth of one subsidiary under Lycan Venture Club in revenue and/or share value through independent fundraising rounds increases the value of your stocks that you can sell at a higher price in the future.

Business Professionals Shaking Hands

Multi-Business Income Model

The Lycan Venture Club invests and funds the developments and growth of its portfolio of Lycan-owned companies and generates income through revenues and dividends from its subsidiaries in return.

LVC is projected to be a fast-growing company and shareholders of LVC enjoy returns on investments and rapid increase in share value.

LVC Funnel_edited.png

Strategic Advantages


Harnessing an entire enterprise system using the power of technology, making Lycan 60% technology, 40% motorcycle.

Forward Integration

Higher profit margins and no middlemen using an integrated and interconnected centralized supply chain and distribution process.

Fully Autonomy

Faster implementation of innovative solutions and strategies. No waiting for go signals from an overseas parent company.


With the Philippines' less costly labor and operating costs, international distribution and exportation is an attractive business to other countries.

Mass Customization

Taking customer-centric approaches to its maximum potential by allowing the market to fully customize and personalize their products from scratch, bringing customer experience to a new level.

Evolutionary Re-invention

Modern adaptation of the motorcycle industry to cater into an evolving generation of consumers.

More details to be discussed.

Founding Team

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