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Lycan aims to put Filipino high-tech motorcycles in the global market within 10 years

Lycan Motorcycles Inc, a Filipino motorcycle and technology startup company based in Metro Manila, Philippines, is proposing and aiming to launch its artificially intelligent motorcycles and smart products in the global market within 10 years.

Although the company is still in its early stages, it pushes its current developments and strategies into fulfilling this long-term goal. In the summarized video below, Lycan CEO Jaggy Gangat shares the company's 6-step plan to achieve this mission.

Developing the country's first AI- and IoT-enabled motorcycles, Gangat seeks to perfect their motorcycles, services, and distribution within the Philippines first before moving towards the international market. Currently, the company is in its final stages of development of its initial lines of motorcycles and cloud-based technologies with the intent to enter the local market by 2023.

3D render of Lycan's concept EV motorcycle

By operating and working with Filipinos within the Philippines, Lycan aims to open thousands of jobs and opportunities in the future to help fulfill its vision of having artificially-intelligent smart vehicles on the road in preparation for the fourth industrial revolution -- a small but meaningful step to contribute in the country's digital transformation into a technologically smarter Philippines.


Want to take part in Lycan's mission? You may do so by taking part as a seed-round shareholder of the company while in its early stages. Learn more by visiting

Lycan Motorcycles Inc is a Filipino startup company developing artificially-intelligent motorcycles and IoT-enabled smart products with the vision of helping riders transition into a safer and more convenient riding experience with technology. Learn more about the company by visiting


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