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Design to Build Your Own Lycan Motorcycle

Empowering riders to fully customize and design their very own brand new Lycan motorcycle

NOTE: Builder X is still in its beta stage. Other features and ordering of motorcycles are not yet implemented.

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Customize Your Ride
Builder X is Lycan's cloud-based platform that lets you fully design and customize your factory-assembled Lycan motorcycle from scratch.
Unleash your Creativity
Choose from hundreds of parts, accessories, colors, and engine displacements to fit your personality. Parts and designs are updated regularly so you can ensure that your bike is always unique!
Design & Personalize
It's just like a video game!
Order & Wait
Choose your preferred payment terms and methods and place your order online to begin assembly
Receive & Enjoy
Receive your motorcycle within a few days and enjoy your new bike!
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For Mobile View:
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Builder X

Price Monitor

Control your budget by seeing how much value your build is. See prices update in real-time as you change parts. No hidden costs.


Place an order for your personalized motorcycle using credit cards, debit cards, e-Wallets, or bank transfers. Installment options will be made available.

Bike Styles

Customize and order Adventure bikes, cruisers, sports bikes, and many more! Designs and parts are updated regularly

Save Your Designs

Create an account to save your re-editable designs online. Save as many as you want!

Tell us how we can improve! Your feedback and response means a lot to us to develop our products and technologies for the better!

Invest in the Possibilities of the Future of Motorcycles.

Be part of history as a Lycan shareholder and see all these possibilities come to life.

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