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The Atlas Pro is a 5,000 watt 72 volt 50-amp hour stand up utility and sport electric vehicle designed for industrial, off-road, and adventure use with a range of up to 100km using a single battery pack and up to 200km when using a dual battery pack. Charging time is 75 minutes from 0% to 85% state-of-charge. It has a total length of 1,870mm, total height of 1,200mm, and total handlebar width of 700mm.


The Atlas Pro uses pouch type Li-Ion batteries which are lighter, more durable, and has higher capacity and energy density than its cylinder-type counterparts, allowing for more power, torque, and range.


Triple Luggage Carrier sold separately.  




1 set pouch-type battery: PHP40,000

1 set triple luggage carrier: PHP30,000



  • 1pc Atlas Pro unit
  • 1 set 72V 50Ah pouch-type battery pack
  • 1pc 10A fast charger
  • Custom color & decal (to be discussed with customer)
  • User manual
  • NFC keyfob
  • One (1) year warranty


Note & Disclaimer:


Lycan is currently operating on a low-volume production and made-to-order basis, therefore units are only made available to you once an initial payment has been made. We request your patience and understanding as we grow and develop our production capacity to cater to a larger and faster production volume. Once we establish our mass production facility, expect faster availability and same day or next-day release of purchased units. Thank you for your understanding!


Payment Terms:


Full Payment | Full payment orders receive priority production and is started as soon as payment is received and confirmed. Estimated lead time for delivery is 20 to 30 days or until a delivery schedule has been set and your order/s will be delivered directly to your preferred delivery address or will be available for pickup at your nearest Lycan outlet. Full payments are payable to Lycan Motorcycles Inc.


Reservation | Reservations are 20% of the SRP. Orders made through reservation have a lead time of 2 to 3 months or until a unit is made available.  The remaining balance is to be paid prior to delivery or upon receipt and delivery of the unit wether in full or through an installment plan. An invoice shall be sent to you a few weeks before delivery. Reservations are non-refundable. Reservations are payable to Lycan Motorcycles Inc.


Buy Now, Pay Later Monthly Installments | For monthly installment options, please refer to our Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) page and FAQ for instructions. Our monthly installment plans via our partners is available in a 12-month installment plan.  Estimated lead time for approved BNPL applications is 20 to 30 days. Your unit/s will be delivered straight to your preferred delivery address or will be available for pick up at your nearest Lycan outlet. Remaining payments shall be made payable to our BNPL partners and not anymore to Lycan. Installment plans are payable to our BNPL partners.


How to Use QR Codes:


To use the Instapay QR Codes,


  1. Download or take a screenshot of the QR code payment amount you would like to proceed with. The QR code without an indicated price is for manual entry of payment amount.
  2. Complete the check out process on this page and select "Cash Payment" option.
  3. Open your e-wallet / bank mobile app and select the 'Upload QR code' option.
  4. Proceed with the payment.
  5. Email us a screenshot of your payment to with the subject headline "Atlas II Order Receipt"


Bank Transfer Payments


Please send payments to:


Unionbank of the Philippines

Lycan Motorcycles Inc.



Once complete, send proof of payment to for confirmation.

Atlas: Pro (Pre-Order)

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