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Lycan Wants to Involve More Filipinos in its Business

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

"If you want to go fast, do it alone. But if you want to go far, do it with Filipinos."

This ideology is true in so many ways, especially for the ambitious company like Lycan where it sees no limits in what it wants to achieve. The path and industry Lycan has taken within a country that does not yet focus on vehicle manufacturing is a mammoth task that requires the right people to achieve its vision. And this is why Lycan is onboarding more Filipinos from all walks of life to join its mission in several aspects.

Work with Lycan: Intrapreneurship for Lycan Team Members

Aside from its need to have great designers and engineers on its team, Lycan also equally needs brilliant thinkers and strategists to grow its business and put its innovative ideas and products into the hands of riders and put more rubber tires on the road. One aspect that Lycan focuses on is intrapreneurship; an important value to make Lycan team members think like entrepreneurs to solve more problems for the benefit of its customers. Interested professionals are encouraged to join the Lycan team as the company sets its eyes on innovation and growth.

Owning a Lycan Business

On the business side, Lycan seeks to bring more entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, and business managers to join and share its vision of putting Filipino-made EVs into the global market within 10 years, and the way it sees to achieve it is by letting Filipinos own and manage their own Lycan business units. These business units include vehicle distribution, retail, service providers, battery station operators, and technology distribution.

Through Lycan's diversification efforts, it opens multiple and interrelated in-house business models and revenue streams for its partners to capitalize and generate income from. Aside from business profits, business partners also generate profits and income from company-wide dividends as business partners are also shareholders of the company.

Own a business for as low as PHP1.5M.

Becoming a Shareholding Member of the Lycan Venture Club

While not all are keen on operating a business, individuals may take part in Lycan's vision and mission of growing as a Filipino company through its Lycan Venture Club, an avenue for Filipinos to silently or actively participate in the growth of the company as a shareholder. By becoming a shareholding member of the Lycan Venture Club, members diversify investments into a portfolio of Lycan-owned companies which reduces risks and maximizes returns.

Offer starts at PHP25 / share.

A Filipino-Owned Enterprise

Lycan hopes to bring the company to the global market within 10 years through the collective efforts and ownership of Filipinos, aiming to see a 100% Filipino company competing against the giants on the world stage and to proudly raise the flag of the Philippines as an innovative and competitive player.

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