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Scenario: what owning a Lycan bike will feel like in a few months

Imagine this: you're finally ready to buy a motorcycle that you have been dreaming of for years. You have a specific motorcycle style and design in mind so you head on over to the Lycan Builder X platform to design your motorcycle.

After spending hours working on the perfect motorcycle you want, you placed an order online. To make your riding experience even better, you added a Lycan smart helmet to your purchase. The Lycan team instantly receives your designs and specifications and goes to work to assemble your motorcycle at the factory.

The next day, you finally receive your brand new motorcycle at home, registered your biometrics using the Lycan mobile app, tweaked some settings, and started riding it. While using your new smart helmet, you verbally woke the LUNA AI digital assistant up and asked for directions to your destination. Your smart helmet's heads up display (HUD) visor displayed a navigation map along with your motorcycle's dashboard readings. You asked LUNA to play your favorite music playlist and sped your way to the nearest toll gate.

Along the expressway, LUNA notified you about a connection request to your smart helmet. You looked to your right and saw three other riders all riding Lycan motorcycles and wearing Lycan smart helmets. One of them waved at you in a friendly manner and motioned to connect with you through the intercom feature. You told LUNA to approve the connections and you were instantly connected with the other riders who wanted to appreciate the beautiful motorcycle design you did using the Builder X platform. You continued on with the conversation and made new friends before parting ways at the next exit.

After a few hours of riding, nightfall came and heavy rain began to pour. With low visibility and slippery roads, you slowed down to the minimum speed limit. But unfortunately, you hit a big wooden log lying on the road. Your bike skidded and slipped, causing you to fall to the ground.

LUNA detected the impact and checked your vitals and pulse through the smart helmet. She asked if you're okay while analyzing the damage your motorcycle received to come up with an overall assessment of your condition. You responded weakly but you're okay. LUNA turned the beacon on your motorcycle and helmet and sent an emergency notice to your family, to Lycan, and to the nearest emergency response authorities.

After 8 minutes, help arrived and took you to the nearest hospital for a checkup while the Lycan roadside assistance team took care of your fallen bike.

Fortunately enough, you only came out with few minor scratches, no broken bones or concussions, and was discharged at the hospital within a few hours.

A few days later back at your home with your family and feeling better than ever before, you hear your doorbell ring. You opened your house door and saw the Lycan team returning your motorcycle and smart helmet all repaired and looking brand new.

You jumped for joy and resumed your riding adventure -- more carefully this time -- knowing that Lycan and its technologies have your back.


This is just one hypothetical sample scenario of what Lycan envisions for its riders -- a safer and newer riding experience with the help of technologies and innovative servicing on the road. Take part in the future of motorcycle + technology by joining Lycan as an investing partner here at and see a smarter future for the roads ahead.

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