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How to Build an EV Industry in the Philippines

The Philippines has always been, in general, a consumer of foreign-based products. And it's no surprise, given that we have been colonized and occupied by the Spaniards, the Americans, and the Japanese for many centuries combined, that we may have relied heavily on outside influences to define our national identity. But if that has been the case, then what can we say the Philippines is known for in the global market?

While there are many local innovations that can be attributed to the talents of Filipinos, what I aim to achieve at Lycan is to build an industry that would benefit all Filipinos and one day soon become a catalyst to bring Filipino-made ingenuity into the world; a mission that I hope will transcend to the next generations, inspiring them to pursue ambitious goals despite the difficulties and challenges of doing so here in the Philippines.

Building a sustainable electric vehicle industry is no small feat, and I am aware of the thousands of challenges and difficulties that test our capabilities and limitations. But as I experience many failures on this journey, I also learn some of the best ways to take small steps toward achieving this big goal in building an industry.

This journal entry is not really a "how-to" in building an EV industry, but rather I am sharing with you what I am doing to build it through Lycan's conglomerate structure.


With years of experience (and failures) in crafting and refining two-wheeled vehicles, Lycan Motorcycles has honed its expertise in designing and manufacturing motorcycles. While we may not yet rival industry giants like Honda, Kawasaki, or Harley-Davidson, my goal for Lycan is clear: to emerge as a trusted and revered brand among Filipinos, renowned for our unwavering commitment to product excellence, stellar customer service, comprehensive after-sales support, convenience, innovation, and problem-solving solutions.

Our debut in the electric vehicle market with the Atlas II model marks the beginning of an exciting journey. As we continue to expand our product lineup, our pipeline brims with new models and designs tailored to meet the diverse needs of Filipino riders. And with the advancement of our products, I hope to see more career professions within the vehicle design and engineering education sectors as this is something that the Philippines has a lot of potential on.


Transitioning from designing to mass-producing electric motorcycles presents its own set of challenges. Despite the learning curve, we have been fortunate to have early adopters who've supported and purchased our Atlas II STD model and have paved the way for us to perform our first production run. Their patience and understanding towards our first-ever production timeline setbacks have been invaluable in streamlining our production processes to increase efficiency for future production batches despite the limited resources we have.

Currently, we're now in the process of establishing our first small-scale production facility here in Metro Manila. This facility is a pivotal step towards realizing our goal of manufacturing up to 2,000 units per month using lean manufacturing principles and just-in-time methods. While modest in scale compared to industry giants, this facility serves as our blueprint and pilot for future expansions where our strategy involves decentralizing our production efforts into North Luzon, Central Visayas, and Mindanao, bringing our products closer to distributors and customers while minimizing unnecessary costs and ensuring competitive pricing.

By putting up several small production facilities nationwide, this also opens more job opportunities for many Filipinos in several regions where each plays a role in putting our products into the global market soon.


We view our battery charging and swapping stations as the lifeblood of the electric vehicle industry we're cultivating. These stations serve a dual purpose: to empower Lycan riders with the freedom to travel longer distances effortlessly, knowing that a reliable charging solution is always within reach, and to benefit the wider Filipino community by creating opportunities for small business owners.

Our primary objective is to establish a robust network of battery and energy infrastructure that enhances the mobility experience for Lycan and non-Lycan riders. As a company founded and operated by Filipinos, I am committed to ensuring that our fellow countrymen reap the rewards of this network. To achieve this, we're partnering with hundreds of small business owners, such as cafes, canteens, and restaurants, to install our stations on their premises. In doing so, we're not only providing them with an additional revenue stream but also attracting new customers through innovative business models like "Charge-and-Dine" and "Pay-per-Swap."

This collaborative approach fosters a mutually beneficial relationship where the deployment of more stations translates to increased revenue for our partners and greater accessibility for EV riders to recharge or swap their batteries, all while promoting and advocating for the use of more sustainable and eco-friendly mobility alternatives. As we expand our network, we're not just building infrastructure; we're building communities and empowering businesses and riders to thrive in the era of sustainable transportation.

The commercial pilot run of our battery charging & swapping station would commence this 2024 or early 2025.


Lycan embraces a social enterprise model where the collective success of each of our stakeholders is paramount to the fulfillment of the vision. From customers and team members to business partners, supporters, and shareholders, each individual plays a crucial role in our journey. With a vision to democratize ownership and empower more Filipinos towards this cause, the Lycan Venture Club offers an avenue for individuals to become part of our mission by owning and operating Lycan dealerships, service centers, battery stations, and more.

My goal is to cultivate a sense of ownership and pride among Filipinos, positioning Lycan as a brand and company that truly belongs to the people. By fostering community-driven initiatives and partnerships, we're not just building a business; we're creating opportunities for individuals to actively participate in shaping the future of sustainable transportation and technology in the Philippines and beyond.


Technology serves as the heart and keystone of our enterprise, driving us forward into the future. From the outset, we recognized the importance of integrating software technologies such as AI and IoT into our hardware solutions. This strategic fusion of technology enables seamless connectivity and interoperability across all aspects of our ecosystem, spanning from customer interactions to our electric vehicles, battery stations, and partner-operated business units.

Through this interconnected framework, we aim to deliver a transformative experience that enhances the safety, convenience, and overall well-being of everyone involved. By harnessing the power of technology, we're not only shaping the future of mobility but also revolutionizing the way people interact with and benefit from our products and services with the hopes to one day soon contribute to a 'Smart Philippines.'


In the intricate tapestry of industry-building, every component must function harmoniously to deliver maximum value to all stakeholders involved. Recognizing the need for diversification and risk mitigation, Lycan Holdings emerges as the linchpin that brings together various facets and subsidiaries of the Lycan ecosystem, each operating independently yet synergistically to optimize returns and drive collective progress.

Lycan Holdings' primary objective is to ensure that the collective impact of Lycan's endeavors is greater than the sum of its individual parts, therefore it poses to uphold the highest value, qualities, and returns for its role and shareholders.

Will all these be achieved successfully? I honestly don't know. But I'll try.


To summarize this journal entry, I trust that you've grasped the profound vision I hold for Lycan and the relentless effort I'm putting in to build and pioneer a transformative industry, enriching lives far beyond my own. Joining this journey means more than just contributing; it's about embracing a collective mission to propel Filipino ingenuity onto the global stage and bringforth the true meaning of being a Filipino: relentless, talented, innovative, creative, persistent, and ambitious. Together, I hope we could dare to dream big and live with a sense of purpose that transcends our own individual ambitions, as Lycan's mission extends far beyond my own or anyone elses—it's a movement that puts the power of reshaping our future for us all into our own hands.

If you're inclined to support Lycan, please consider sharing this article within your network. Your support and effort holds significant value to the advancement of our cause.

Lycan Holdings Corporation (LHC) is raising a total of PHP2.5M in exchange for 10% equity in pre-seed funding at PHP25 per share with minimum investment of PHP50,000 at 0.2% equity. By becoming a shareholder of LHC, you'll indirectly own stakes in Lycan's manufacturing, energy, and technology subsidiaries. We do not guarantee nor promise any fixed returns. ROI shall be through share price appreciation, dividends, and/or through the resale of your shares at a higher price in the future. LHC shall be the entity to be publicly listed on or before 2030.

For more information about our plans, or for any proposals, career applications, partnership or investment interests, or to simply send a message of support, you may reach out to me at I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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