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Customer Feedback

As we work to perfect our motorcycles and technologies, we would like to request a couple of minutes of your time to provide us with meaningful insights and feedback about our Minimum Viable Products.

To help you better understand what we are offering to the market, we'll walk you through three (3) steps how customers can use our products in the future before providing you a feedback form. 

Customer Step 1: Designing your own motorcycle using the Builder X platform

Builder X was created to address the issues of unstandardized, unregulated, potentially unsafe, and expensive costs associated with modifying and customizing motorcycles in order to meet the demand for uniqueness and personalization by employing the services of third-party custom garage shops with varied degrees of product design and engineering expertise.

With the promise of a manufacturer safety standard and quality of motorcycle output at reasonable and accessible pricing, Builder X offers riders full creative control to effortlessly design and customize Lycan motorcycles from scratch using its cloud- and app-based platform.

Step 1: Builder X Overview
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Customer Step 2: Riding and owning a Lycan motorcycle

Lycan is a Filipino smart motorcycle & technology startup company that is designing and developing its own motorcycles. Currently, it has released three motorcycle prototypes which are and would be available on the Builder X platform.

After designing your Lycan motorcycle using Builder X, the following motorcycles are what you can expect from Lycan.

Note: Although it is better to see and inspect the motorcycle prototypes physically, kindly temporarily refer to the videos and images of Lycan's motorcycles below.

Step 2: Lycan Motorcycles

Customer Step 3: Technologies

Part of Lycan's value proposition is the integration of AI and IoT technologies to create its smart motorcycles with a goal to improve safety, security, and riding convenience.

The video below showcases an informational demonstration of some of the technologies that would be available once Lycan enters the market with its products.

Step 3: Technologies

The presentations you have seen are what makes up Lycan's Minimum Viable Product to the market and we'd love to know your thoughts about it!

Feedback Form
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