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Shareholders Conference Online

Missed the Feb 05 conference? Don't worry, we've made it available to you online to watch it at your own time.
Learn more about the company, its products, business plans, investment opportunities, and return on investments before taking the next step in becoming a Lycan shareholder

Note: Some information, strategies, and plans have been redacted, omitted, or censored in this online version to protect the company's confidential information. Further plans and strategies will be disclosed once you become a shareholder of Lycan Motorcycles

00 - Introduction | 0:38

Introduction and some reminders about this presentation

01 - About the Company | 3:57

Summary: Lycan is working to put the Philippines on the map as a competitive maker of motorcycles and technologies. What makes Lycan competitive is its independency to foreign companies that allows it to execute plans faster than local competitors, and because Lycan is integrating advanced technologies into its products.

02 - Lycan Products & Technologies | 5:29

Summary: Lycan has a family of products all working together seamlessly using technology to create an ecosystem of business models and revenues.

03 - Technology Potentials, Beyond Motorcycles | 3:26

Summary: Because Lycan is 70% technology, its proprietary and patend-pending technologies can expand to other non-motorcycle industries, making its potential highly valuable in the market.

04 - Progress & Timeline | 2:08

Summary: Lycan is 75% complete with its developments and is preparing for production. The company also aims to acquire a valuation of PHP1B by 2023 and perform an IPO by 2025-2026

05 - Expansion Plans & Strategies | 6:14

Summary: Using a forward-integrated strategy, Lycan shall use SPEs to centralize its distribution, funneling all revenues and profits directly to Lycan.

06 - Partnership | 2:31

Summary: Lycan has several partnership initiatives to help it achieve its goals, including partnerships with VCs and several organizations.

07 - Projections & Preparations | 2:23

Summary: Based on its plans and projections, Lycan prepares for its growth and expansion as early as now.

08 - Capital, Investments, & Investing | 4:43

Summary: Lycan is raising a total of PHP50M both from VC and angel investors. For angel investments, Lycan is offering 1,125 shares of stock valued at PHP8,890 per share with a minimum buy in of 5 shares (PHP44,450)

09 - Budget Allocation & CapEx | 1:17

Summary: All of Lycan's capital fundraising will be allocated to the development of income-generating assets

10 - ROI & Exit Options | 2:14

Summary: Early investors and shareholders may enjoy good returns and profits through dividends and selling of Lycan shares at a higher price.

11 - Management Team | 1:50

Summary: Lycan's management team's focus is to develop and build the company's growth

12 - Investment Process & Expectations | 2:22

Summary: Investments can be processed online.

Ready to Invest? See the steps below to begin your jouney.


Download the contract sample here

Review the Lycan Investment and Subscription Agreement to know the terms and conditions of investing and becoming a shareholder of Lycan Motorcycles Inc


Email your details

Send an email to with the subject heading "Investor Details" and write the following:

  • Full name of shareholder

  • Complete address of shareholder

  • TIN

  • Number of shares to purchase

Please wait until we send you the revised Agreement with your details on it.


Receive and sign the filled-out Investment & Subscription Agreement

Sign the Agreement and send it back to us. You'll receive a copy of the notarized Agreement by mail or courier within 3 to 5 business days


Deposit the investment amount

Deposit your payment only to:

Unionbank of the Philippines

Lycan Motorcycles Inc



Lycan Industries Philippines, OPC


Then send a copy or screenshot of the deposit slip via email to

NOTE: To avoid inconveniences, scams, or fraudulent activities, only remit payments to Lycan Motorcycles' official business bank accounts. DO NOT remit any payments to personal bank accounts. Lycan does not authorize individuals to accept payments on behalf of the company. 


Receive your stock certificate

Upon completion of requirements and payments, you'll receive your certificate of stock via mail or courier within 7 to 14 working days.

Invest Now


Email us at or call +639178146297

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