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Investing in the Future of Motorcycle + Technology

A private conference to present and discuss about Lycan's progress, timeline, distribution strategies, product expansion potential, revenue models, budget allocation, projections, and shareholder ROI strategies



Lycan in under two minutes.

Understand the true potential of Lycan's product family and how it will expand

Because of technology, Lycan's products and services are applicable to several other industries, paving the way for a multi-industrial expansion plan


Conference Program & Itinerary


About the company and where it is headed

Learn about Lycan and why it matters to the world


Overview of Lycan's product family and its target market

Understand the applications of Lycan's products and technologies and how they work together to create an ecosystem that drives market value


Why Lycan's products & services have high potentials

Get to know the extended use of Lycan's technologies and how it will expand -- a primary driver of business value


Progress, timeline, and business expansion strategy plans

Know where we the company is at and its execution timeline so that you'll know what to expect in the coming months and years


Partnerships, projections, and preparations

See the company's vision and how it plans to achieve its mission


Capital & budget allocation

Understand where your investments are going and how it will be used to grow the company as a whole


Returns on investment & exit strategies for you

Know how you can benefit and do business with Lycan


The management team and how it can achieve the company's goals

Meet the people behind the company and how each member greatly contributes to the success of the company


Open discussion and Q&A portion

Get to ask questions so you can better understand the company



Historical share value growth and projections

Lycan aims to continuously grow its company's value in order to ensure the success of its endeavors while providing good returns to shareholders

chart (2).png

Price per share

Timeline of Milestones

R&D Phase 1

Oct 2020 to Dec 2021

Planning, research, design, schematics, prototyping,

alpha launching

R&D Phase 2

Jan to  Mar 2022

Beta prototyping, registrations, compliance, production preparations, beta launching


Apr to Aug 2022

Manufacturing, assembly,  production, development of distribution centers

Initial Distribution

Sept to Dec 2022

Market introduction, retail, and distribution

Funding Stages


Completed | Valuation: P5M

The company's bootstrapping stage was where its initial capital investments from its founders have resulted in 1) the development and growth of its operating business unit Greasy Gents Garage that surpassed its 7-digit revenue target in its first 4 months of operation; and 2) in the initial developments of its two (2) prototype units in its Research & Development stage


Completed | Valuation: P25M

The capital raised during the Seed round was allotted for the further initiation of Lycan's Research & Development which resulted in the development of the two (2) prototype units, development of its ERP system, motorcycle designer cloud software, in-motorcycle IoT technology, off-motorcycle technology, basic additive manufacturing machines, and initial launching and introduction of Lycan's prototypes last December 11, 2021.

Target Seed capital: P2,500,000 for 10% total equity

Series A

In-Progress | Target Valuation: P500M

Series A funding will primarily be for the mass production of Lycan's products and development of its manufacturing facility, enabling the distribution of its units nationwide. Early partners may exit at this stage.

Target Series A capital: P50,000,000 for 10% equity

Series B

2023 | Target Valuation: P1B

Series B funding is targeted for further expansion of the company, diversifying its resources and revenue streams while focusing more on international trade, export, manufacturing, and development of new product lines.

Target Series B capital: TBD

Investment Options


Equity: 10 Shares


  • 10 Shares of Stock

  • Returns through dividends and increased value of each share

  • Silent, active, or advisory

  • Subscription Agreement

  • Certificate of Stock


Equity: Custom

Starts at PHP5,000,000

  • Returns through dividends and increased value of each share

  • Silent, active, or advisory

  • Subscription Agreement

  • Certificate of Stock

  • Board Seat Option

  • Diversified Shares

  • Royalty on Items Sold

  • One (1) unit motorcycle


Equity: 50+5 Shares


  • 50 Shares of Stock

  • +5 Shares of Stock free

  • Returns through dividends and increased value of each share

  • Silent, active, or advisory

  • Subscription Agreement

  • Certificate of Stock


Early Pre-Order

Redeemable product gift certificate worth +25% of your pre-order amount

  • Starts at PHP200,000 for a PHP250,000-worth of gift certificate

  • Returns through a fully-functional production model motorcycle

  • Silent or advisory

  • Redeem by 2022


Equity: 100+15 Shares


  • 100 Shares of Stock

  • +15 Shares of Stock free

  • Returns through dividends and increased value of each share

  • Silent, active, or advisory

  • Subscription Agreement

  • Certificate of Stock

  • Board Seat Option


Capital Loan

6-10% APR, guaranteed monthly amortization starting after the third month

  • Returns through monthly loan amortization starting after the third month

  • No equity provided

  • Payable within 12 to 24 months

  • Minimum loan amount of PHP500,000

Competitive Advantages

What makes Lycan different from existing brands


Harnessing an entire enterprise system using the power of technology, making Lycan 60% technology, 40% motorcycle.

Vertical Integration

Higher profit margins and no middlemen using an integrated and interconnected centralized supply chain and distribution process.

Fully Autonomy

Faster implementation of innovative solutions and strategies. No waiting for go signals from an overseas parent company.


With the Philippines' less costly labor and operating costs, international distribution and exportation is an attractive business to other countries.

Mass Customization

Taking customer-centric approaches to its maximum potential by allowing the market to fully customize and personalize their products from scratch, bringing customer experience to a new level.

Evolutionary Re-invention

Modern adaptation of the motorcycle industry to cater into an evolving generation of consumers.

Lycan World Program

Understand how Lycan is preparing to grow while its production phase is on-going


Management Team

Resource Videos

Unfamiliar to Lycan? Watch some resource materials to get up to speed about its company

Transpire: 2021

On December 11, 2021, Lycan hosted its first-ever virtual launching where it presented its upcoming product and technology concepts & prototypes

Getting to Know Lycan

In this video, Lycan CEO Jaggy Gangat talks deeper about Lycan, its history, current achievements, and future plans.

Register now

The Lycan Shareholders Conference is a private event meant specifically for serious potential partners, regardless of status, location, profession, ethnicity, race, or beliefs. To ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the information to be discussed during the conference, by signing up below you agree to sign a Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement prior to being invited to the event.


Registering to this event DOES NOT guarantee you access to the conference and the company reserves the right to reject your participation with or without reason at all -- and the company is not required to give any reason. Due diligence measures and practices on our end shall be implemented.

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